Cleaner Fossil Fuel OPET


Europe has done till now a very big effort in research, development and demonstration and now it has available Clean Fossil Technologies (CFT) ready to be penetrated in the Energy Market, for power production in an environmental friendly way, and using domestic energy sources. These technologies can be applied both in Europe and in the New Accession Countries, where fossil fuels are abundant, but some times poor quality fuels.

Using these CFTs, we can produce clean power (low emissions, high efficiency), using domestic fossil fuels, contributing to the Security of Energy Supply, and complying with environmental regulations.

But it is clear Europe must continue developing these technologies to improve CFT performance, and to have European CFT ready to compete in Energy Market, using our own energy sources. Till next VII FP, the CFF OPET is one of the few tools of European Commission to continue keeping alive CFT and trying to improve and penetrate them into Energy Market.

For these purpose it has been established a consortium formed by 23 entities (18 partners and 5 subcontracts) from 17 countries. All of them are entities of well known prestige, with high experience in Fossil Fuel sector, and with a strong relation with Industry.

Through the activities to be carried out under CFF OPET, it will be promoted the use of FF in a more efficient and environmental friendly way, so we can contribute to the main objectives of EC, such as:

The expected results from this activities are:

All the above as written in the official CFF OPET web-site

In the framework of this project, CE.R.T.H./I.S.F.T.A. co-ordinated the following work-packages:

WP3. Promotion of CCT Implementation Options in Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants
WP4 Promotion of the Low Temperature Carbonisation (LTC) Technology
WP10. Promotion of Decentralised Tri-generation Units for the Operation of DHC Systems in the Balkan Countries
WP16. Transfer of Technologies for Natural Gas Transportation, Storage and Utilisation for Developers and Suppliers
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